What is an RPT (Registered Piano Technician)?

Registered Piano Technicians are professionals who have committed themselves to the continual pursuit of excellence, both in technical service and ethical conduct. Through affiliation with other technicians, manufacturers, suppliers and teaching associations, RPTs continue to enhance their knowledge and skills. An RPT has passed a series of three rigorous examinations that assess the knowledge and skills required to tune, maintain and repair pianos.

Only RPTs are authorized to use the trademarked logo shown above. By using only an RPT to service your piano, you can be assured of high quality service and ethical business practices.

The Piano Technicians Guild, Inc. (PTG) is the largest organization of its kind in the world and has established the only set of standards in North America for the tuning, regulation, maintenance and repair skills needed by a qualified piano technician.

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PTG Code of Conduct

  • I will act honorably and in a professional manner.
  • I will render the best possible service under the circumstances, always keeping the best interests of my client in mind.
  • I will engage only in fair trade practices in the knowledge that I am reflecting the honesty and integrity for which the Piano Technicians Guild stands.
  • I will use the name and trademarks of the Piano Technicians Guild properly and will encourage others to do the same. I will strive to upgrade my professional skills and I will encourage and help others to do the same.
  • I will promote, in any way that I can, good will toward my profession and toward the music industry.