Used Pianos


There are several places you can look for used pianos.  Most piano dealers carry used pianos. Some are sold on consignment, and others are trade-ins. You can also check the classified ads in the local paper, or internet sites like or

Don’t assume that if the cabinet looks good and all of the keys make a sound, it’s a good piano. More than once a customer has learned that the piano they just bought is not tunable, or that the necessary repairs would exceed the value of the instrument. Just as when buying a used vehicle, it’s important to have a professional inspection done before you buy. Even if the piano you’re considering is free, you don’t want to put the effort into moving it until you know it won’t have to go to the dump!

Helms Music Enterprises can do a complete written inspection of any piano, including recommendations and estimates for repairs. If you are present when the inspection is done, Mr. Helms will point out potential problems, and discuss whether they need to be addressed immediately. The fee for this service is $75. Click here to contact us about inspecting a piano before you buy!